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Recruit a student in apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is a special study scheme supported by the French government. It means that a student can take on part-time study with a part-time work placement, splitting the week between the two.

For your company, recruiting a person in apprenticeship is a good means to participate in th etraining and development of your future employee, teach him a job and integrate him to your company's life and culture. Apprenticeship is being safe in recruiting a person who suits to your company's needs.

Advantages for your company:

  • apprenticeship shapes character (difference with students in full-time programmes): autonomy, maturity, adaptability, sense of effort
  • apprenticeship id an excellent means to know the student because we know how he works (knowledge, skills) and recruit him in full knowledge of the cause
  • the student is present in the company in permanenent contract†and is working
  • he already have the company culture and mind

Contact: Mathieu ROGER

Be a partner, recruit a student for a short-term professional mission

Why is is interesting to recruit a student for a short-term professional mission?

  • Establish your company as a local actor involved in students' training and give a†positive and innovative image to students and their parents. †
  • Have a team of serious and motivated†students for taking over short-term missions during all year.
  • Participate directly to your future's employees and work with a recruiting ground of future trainees
  • Be identified on our communication supports (website, social networks...)

Objectives and common interests:

  • Give the opportunity to students to discover a company during the whole academic year by working in it from time to time.
  • Open to a cultural, intellectual, professional and international world.
  • Dedicate to missions in the field for a dynamic and innovative company, close to young people and students.
  • Participate to different missions set by the company, in relation to the programme: Marketing: marketing studies, press relations, public relations, Global communication, Events, Sales, Finance and Administration...
  • Put into practice academic knowledge and be able to adapt to the professional world.

Contact: Julie Arbeit

Do vocational traning

An extensive and adjustable offer for your professional training and development:

  • A "made to measure" offer, for strategic and company development consulting.
  • A "ready to use" offer (our catalogue), in 15 different topics.
  • A programme leading to a qualification, available for anyone who wants to add value to his professional skills or progress in his career.

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examples : sales, retail, marketing, tourism, hospitality, banking, insurance, ...

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