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European Study System

In order to harmonize with the European Higher Education system, the French system is now based on 3 qualifications: Bachelor (French 'Licence'), Master and Doctorate. This new organisation, called 'B.M.D.' enhances European students mobility, the transfer in different specialities and among other professional training programmes.

IPAC has implemented this programme since 2006, according to the European directive.

General information

Please refer to each programme’s Study guide to see the programme’s calendar.General schedule

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Each module taught in each programme is mandatory. There is no optional module.

Application – Admission – Registration

To apply at IPAC, you need to download the application form of the programme you want to apply for, to fill it in and send it back to the IPAC campus chosen. Your application will be considered by the programme’s course leader and he/she will contact you for an interview. If your application is accepted, you will be sent a Final registration form to fill in and send back to the Registrar's Office.

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