Prior Learning and Experience recognition at IPAC

When you apply for a Prior Learning and Exprience recognition, the process involves three steps. Two booklets are the main support to your application.

Step 1: Booklet 1 and positioning interview

The positioning interview aims†at investigating the validity of your application in terms of regulatory requirements. For your Prior Learning and Exprience application to be approved, you must justify your experience within employment, self-employed or volunteer in connection with the qualification you are applying for. The total experience required for Prior Learning and Exprience recognition is three years. Your eligibility will be commented during an individual interview, approved by a senior teacher after receipt of a booklet. This interview, in addition to the comment related to the admissibility decision, will aim to assist in the analysis of career and identification of the highest qualification relevant to their careers.

Step 2: Booklet 2

This step aims to analyse your experiences related to the degree requirements. The candidate will create a record that traces their career. This record will show their work environment, their various goals, knowledge and skills gained through their experience.

Prior Learning and Exprience recognition accompanying the process is not mandatory but highly recommanded. For help with making this record, the candidate is eligible for educational support.

Step 3: Skills assessment by the board

The aim of Prior Learning and Exprience recognition is to assess the skills that were acquired by the candidate through their professional experience and compare them to the standard requirements of the course they are applying for. These requirements are defined by the competency of the proposed title.

Interview with the board

The board will review your case and assess the skills learned from the description you have made. Therefore, it is important to make the utmost care and be very specific in your report. A mandatory interview with the board will allow members to ask any questions necessary to understand and validate your experience.

Approval by the board

From all of these points, the board will debate and decide if you have:

1. Enough experience equivalent to all course units, and if this is the case, you qualify for the qualification.

2. Enough experience equivalent to some of the course units, and you only have to take the remaining units to gain the qualification.

3. Not enough experience to qualify for Prior Learning and Exprience recognition, and you must take all course units to gain the qualification.

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