Prior Learning and Experience recognition system

Prior Learning and Experience recognition

What is Prior Learning and Experience recognition?

Prior Learning and Experience recognition is a way of obtaining a degree alongside more conventional means of training, learning or continuing vocational training.
The degree is partly or wholly granted without participating to the entire list of classes.

Who can benefit from the Prior Learning and Experience recognition system?
Anyone in business or in other professions, who can demonstrate at least 3 years of professional experience directly related to the course involved.

How can I obtain certification?

Prior Learning and Exprience recognition can be done on any degree registered on the National Register of Vocational Certifications (RNCP)

List of IPAC certified programmes, registered in RNCP:

Niveau I diplomas (equivalent Level 7 European Qualitications Framework):

  • Manager du développement commercial ('Management of sales developement and entrepreneurship') NSF312

Decree of 3rd December 2010, published in the Official Journal of 22 December 2010

  • Manager en Ressources Humaines ('Human resources manager') NSF315

 Decree of 30th March 2010, published in the Official Journal of 10 April 2010

 Niveau II diplomas (equivalent Level 6 European Qualifications Framework):

  • Responsable d'activités ou d'entreprises touristiques ('Head of Tourism Activities or of a Tourism Unit') NSF334p

Decree of 19 April 2011 published in the Official Journal of 12 May 2011 

  • Responsable de gestion des ressources humaines ('Human resources junior manager') NSF313, 315

Decree of 13 November 2009 published in the Official Journal of 21 November 2009

  • Responsable du développement d'unité commerciale ('Business unit manager') NSF310n

Decree of 25 January 2011 published in the Official Journal of 2 February 2011

  • Responsable d'unités et d'actions sociales ('Head of social work units') NSF332, 123

Decree of 10 April 2009 published in the Official Journal of 21 April 2009

Niveau III diplomas (equivalent Level 5 European Qualifications Framework):

  • Chargé de clientèle dans les métiers de la gestion des patrimoines ('Account manager in asset management') NSF313p

Official Journal 24 January 2008  

Why enter into the Prior Learning and Exprience recognition process?

Prior Learning and Experience recognition meets many expectations and aspirations of employees:

  • Give new boost to their careers: Exploring new directions in terms of business or functions. Prior Learning and Experience recognition also assists their professional development and internal promotion.
  • Training with degree requirements: The objective is to obtain a first degree or diploma which will then incorporate a training process to seek another degree.


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