International Business Management

This course is a foundation course for students wishing to do a 2 year Master’s degree.

After a bac+2 or other Higher Education equivalent to†120 ECTS (according to the LMD system)

Course taught in English
Initial training with work placement

Ipac Dossier Candidature

Course Objectives

This course is organized in a way to allow students to be operational in roles within various fields such as brand management, market research, advertising, public relations or sales management in the marketing sector.

MBWAY prepares students for an international career:

  • This course is trains students to have the necessary sales and marketing skills needed in today’s economy
  • It also teaches them to discover new cultures and different work habits.†

MBWAY Annecy Campus

By choosing MBWay Annecy Campus, you are selecting a business school situated in one of the most dynamic regions in France. Next to Mont Blanc in the Alpes, MBWay Annecy is at the heart of a pool of very competitive businesses. MBWay Annecy is located on the boarder of Switzerland and Italy, and maintains strong links to over 700 companies. This means that 96% of graduates find a permanent job within 6 months of completing their course.†

Course Features

  • Study in a multicultural environment
  • Develop your skills for working abroad in a modern environment
  • Become capable of working in an international environment
  • Design and conduct media plans
  • Organize and manage a marketing service in a company or business
  • Develop and manage a portfolio of international clients

Skills Acquisition allows a student to:†

  • Construct a business plan
  • Develop a product or service, from generating the idea to getting it on the shelves.
  • Apply marketing strategy to business situations
  • Organize internal and external communication
  • Manage relationships with clients

Career Opportunites

  • Export Manager
  • Sales manager
  • Product Manager
  • After-Sales Service Manager
  • Profit Center Manager
  • Communication and PR Manager
  • Sales Promotion Manager

Course Structure

  • 1st†Semester (September to January) : seminars given by speakers or consultants
  • 2nd†Semester (February to June) : Professional work experience lasting 4-6 months


After each seminar, the students take a written exam to assess the skills they have gained. At the end of the academic year, a case study is organized for each unit of work in order to assess the skills gained by the students during seminars as well as during their work placement.

Work Placement

During the work placement, students have the chance to put their skills they have learnt from seminars as well as their personal skills to practical use. They will work full-time in an international business. Their task will be defined by their company tutor with the approval of the training director of the business. †

Entry Requirements

  • This course is open to students of all nationalities who have completed two years of Higher Education, equivalent to 120 ECTS in management or a similar academic area.

    The students have to have an advanced level of English before being able to take this course.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process consists of a written application and entrance exam held between February and June. The application form and the exam dates can be found on the MBWay website:†

ECTS Credits

After completing the required two years of study (worth 120 ECTS credits), students who pass the academic year will gain 180 ECTS credits.†

More information

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