Bachelor in Management and Business Administration

Bachelor en Management et Gestion des Entreprises

Recognised State diploma Niveau II (French National directory of professional certification), Level 6 (European Qualifications Framework)

Course given in French

Course length: 3 years (180 ECTS credits)

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Introduction to the Bachelor in Management and Business Administration course

This programme is open to students with a School Leaving Certificate. The first two years are†structured so that students can discover different professional specialities and jobs before specializing in one field in year 3.

Choosing a career†direction after completing your†School Leaving Certificate†can be really difficult. In this course, students are progressively introduced to companies and have†professional objectives to accomplish in internships, so that they have a successful professional integration.

It is an innovative course, because it allows students:

  • To receive an strong academic education corresponding to† European standards.
  • To benefit from European recognition of their programme thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and a†State recognition†thanks to the obtention of a State recognised diploma††
  • The third year is a specialisation year and is open to students with 2 years of higher Education.

Entry Requirements

It is necessary to have a School Leaving Certificate in order to be admitted onto this course. Application with application form + motivation interview

Course length: 3 years after a School Leaving Certificate

Course Organization

First and second year: core subjects

Year†3, specialization:

  • Marketing & Communication
  • e-Marketing
  • Human Resources†
  • Payroll and Social Administration
  • Banking and Insurance†
  • Real Estate†Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tourism
  • Social and Solidarity Economy

International options:

  • International Business Studies with Marketing†(course given†in English only)
  • Studies abroad

Degree awarded: Niveau II degree resgistred at the RNCP (equivalent to a Level 6 degree in the European Qualifications Framework), depending on the specialization†chosen,†180 ECTS credits

Assessment Process

Assessment takes place throughout the academic year and at the end of each semester. Students must gain the correct number of ECTS credits in order to be awarded the qualification. This qualification allows the student to gain ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). This European system†allows student to transfer to other universities in the European community. This course is equal to 180 ECTS credits.

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