Bachelor in Payroll and Social Administration (top-up)

Bachelor en Gestion de la Paie et du Social

Recognised State diploma Niveau II (French National directory of professional certification), Level 6 (European Qualifications Framework)

Course given in French

Course length: 1 year (60 ECTS credits), after 2 validated years of Higher Education (120 ECTS credits)

Course Aims

• To allow students who have achieved 2 years of Higher Education and young business professionals who have little experience to value their acquired theoretical and practical skills.It is an additional qualification that facilitates the final integration in the job market.

• To allow students to fit the needs of businesses, human resources services in SMEs or large companies or accounting firms. IPACworks every year with more than 700 companies. Exchanges with the professional world are reflected in company visits, on-going interventions, receiving trainees or by hiring students.
• Facilitate the students’ integration and career paths in the French and Swiss markets.

Entry Requirements

The course is open to all students who have validated 2 years of Higher Education (120 ECTS credits) in Human resources, Administration, Accounting.
The course is also open to students through the Prior Learning and Experience recognition system.

The recruitment process involves a written application and an interview.

Course Content

Human resources and payroll management, Management, Financial management, Law, Languages and IT

Degree awarded: "Responsable de gestion des ressources humaines", Niveau II degree resgistred at the RNCP (equivalent to a Level 6 degree in the European Qualifications Framework), 180 ECTS credits

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