Bachelor in Tourism (top-up)

Bachelor en Tourisme

Recognised State diploma Niveau II (French National directory of professional certification), Level 6 (European Qualifications Framework)

Course given in French

Course length: 1 year (60 ECTS credits), after 2 validated years of Higher Education (120 ECTS credits)

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The holder of this qualification will have the necessary skills for the following jobs:

  • Tourism Office Project Manager
  • Travel Agency and Tour Operator Manager
  • Project Manager in Communication and Commercial Development
  • Tourism Projects Developer in Nature, Culture and Heritage based tourism
  • Unit Manager in Tourism: residences, holiday clubs, and hotels.
  • Event Management

Entry Requirements

The course is open to all students who have validated 2 years of Higher Education (120 ECTS credits).
The course is also open to students through the Prior Learning and Experience recognition system.

The recruitment process involves a written application and an interview.

An intermediate level of English and another European language (Italian, German or Spanish) is necessary.

Course Content

Tourism, Languages, Marketing, Management, Financial Management, Law

Degree awarded: "Responsable d'activits ou d'entreprises touristiques", Niveau II degree resgistred at the RNCP (equivalent to a Level 6 degree in the European Qualifications Framework), 180 ECTS credits

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