Bachelor in Tourism

Bachelor en Tourisme

Recognised State diploma Niveau II (French 1969 National directory of professional certification), Level 6 (European Qualifications Framework)

Course given in French

Course length: 3 years (180 ECTS credits)


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Course aims

If you already have interest for Tourism, you can choose the Bachelor Tourism course.

The course is innovative because it allows students to:

  • To receive an strong academic education corresponding to European standards.
  • To benefit from European academic recognition of their course thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as well as state recognition
  • The third year is a specialisation year, allowing students to concentrate on Tourism.

Entry requirements

It is necessary to have a School Leaving Certificate in order to be admitted onto this course. The application process involves a written application and interview.

An intermediate level of English and another European language (Italian, German or Spanish) is necessary.

Course length: 3 years after a School Leaving Certificate.


Course Content

Year 1 & 2: core subjects + specialisation subjects in Tourism + English + other European language (Italian, German or Spanish)

Year 3 : specialisation in Tourism and Marketing, Languages, Management, Financial Management, Law

Degree awarded: "Responsable d'activités ou d'entreprises touristiques", Niveau II degree resgistred at the RNCP (equivalent to a Level 6 degree in the European Qualifications Framework), 180 ECTS credits


Assessment takes place throughout the year and at the end of each semester. Students must have gained the correct amount of ECTS credits to be awarded the qualification. This qualification is equal to 180 ECTS credits.

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