BTS in Maintenance and After-Sales Service for Public Works Vehicles

BTS Maintenance et Aprs Vente des Engins de TP.
State diploma inMaintenance and After-Sales Care of Construction Equipment.

Training by apprentaship atAnnecyin partnership with ‘Lyce Porte des Alpes’ in Rumilly

This course is given in French.

Course length: 2 years

Ipac Dossier Candidature

Ipac FranceBTS MAVE Course Aims

After understanding how to master both technology and expertise, a BTS MAVE graduate will be capable of maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction with their flexibility, technical skills and ability to maintain a good relationship with clients.

Entry requirements

The course is open to students who have a ‘Bac’ level or ‘A’ levels. Each application is studied closely, with a meeting between the student and the school to establish the level of motivation.

BTS MAVE course locations

This course is in partnership with ‘Lyce Portes des Alpes’ in Rumilly et Mcalac

Theoretical and economical classes are held atIPAC Annecy(18 hours per week) ;

Practical classes about technology and maintenance are provided by ‘Lyce Porte des Alpes’ in Rumilly (13 hours per week).

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