IPAC focuses on languages!

IPAC is always engaged in a process of internationalization of its fprogrammes. To do so, after opening the Bachelor in International Business, offering a second European language and Chinese (Mandarin) as mandatory subjects, new modules are now taught in English. Today, the Bachelor in International Business Studies with Marketing is the culmination of this effort, with teachings 100% in English.

The learning and development of foreign languages ​​is the goal for all students through various tools offered throughout their careers : Day of Languages, TOEIC, studies abroad, Summer courses abroad, Tell Me More and more recently the new platform IPAC Live Speaking offering one-to-one conversational lessons in English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

IPAC Live Speaking

It is an educational complementary tool with face-to-face conversations, listening comprehension and verbal expression.

Whether you are a student or employee:
To improve a language skill
To prepare an exam
To prepare for a job or internship interview
To prepare a mobility abroad

Freedom Formula adapted to your needs:
The choice of languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese.
Private lessons by videoconference or Skype
Courses available 24h/24h 7/7 days

You can save time by learning languages ​​comfortably sitting behind your computer. A lesson lasts 30 minutes. Videoconferencing courses fit your needs and allow you to diversify your wording to better progress. Your teacher will be able to bevaluate your progress in oral and discuss difficulties.

With IPAC Live Speaking, follow the course you want.
Native teachers you can select according to your needs and your preferences
Native teacher skills are validated by IPAC: you can choose your instructor according to his CV, his hobbies and your professional or personal affinities.
A schedule tailored to your schedule.

Thnaks to the schedule of your teacher, you can book your next course on the Internet with one click on the date and time that suit you.
Opportunity to enroll WHEN you want throughout the year.

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Day of Languages

IPAC organises every year the Day of Languages with all 1st-year Bachelor students to:
Test their level languages
Introduce students to the objectives the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFRL) and test their English individually to give them an entry level (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2) to familiarize them with European practices and present the objectives of the year.

examples : sales, retail, marketing, tourism, hospitality, banking, insurance, ...

Courses by sector

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