IPAC Entreprises

IPAC†Entreprises welcomes all students in an apprenticeship programme, from school leaving certificate level to 2 years of Higher Education, who want to focus on :

  • The acquisition of†practical skills through work experience
  • A quick entry into the job market

Ipac Enseignement Superieur

IPAC core business: the relationship with companies

Not less than 15 employees are responsible for these business relationships. Themission of the Carreers Advisers is to assist all students in their research of a business ... Read the†article

With more than 750 partner companies, IPAC Entreprise is the Savoy leader for the apprenticeship programme for learning at school and in the company†.

The courses take place either through:

  • Contract of apprenticeship
  • Contract†of†professionalization
  • Funding by a company that invests in the student by supporting his training period.

Companies, get†informed about the†programmes' calendar at IPAC.

You can dowload the application forms below:

†2-year BTS programmes (120 ECTS credits)

examples : sales, retail, marketing, tourism, hospitality, banking, insurance, ...

Courses by sector

Sales and Marketing programmes http://www.ipac-france.com/en/banking-finance.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/accounting-business-administration.html
http://www.ipac-france.com/en/real-estate.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/tourism-hospitality.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/international.html
http://www.ipac-france.com/en/helath-social-care.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/logistics.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/human-resources.html

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