IPAC School Of Management

IPAC†School of †Management - Annecy - Chambery - Geneva - Albertville - Genevois-Leman

IPAC School of Management is anchored in the local and national network and is open to the world. IPAC School of Management prepares students at Bachelor and MBA degrees.

Ipac Enseignement Superieur

Fields of studies

  • International Business
  • Tourism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Banking and Real Estate
  • Logistics

IPAC's MBA (Master of Business Administration)†are all†work and study programmes.
The second†year can be taught in Geneva.

IPAC School of Management programmes alternate††:

  • study periods
  • study abroad periods†within one of the 50 partner universities
  • apprenticeship in one of the†750 partner businesses

MBA degrees, 5 years of higher education (300 ECTS credits),†after 3 years of Higher Education (180 ECTS credits)

Bachelor degrees, 3 years of Higher Education (180 ECTS credits)

Top up degrees after 2 years of Higher Education (120 ECTS credits)† :

Bachelor degrees (3-year programmes):

examples : sales, retail, marketing, tourism, hospitality, banking, insurance, ...

Courses by sector

Sales and Marketing programmes http://www.ipac-france.com/en/banking-finance.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/accounting-business-administration.html
http://www.ipac-france.com/en/real-estate.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/tourism-hospitality.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/international.html
http://www.ipac-france.com/en/helath-social-care.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/logistics.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/human-resources.html

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