IPAC Santť Social

Learn and help others

IPAC Sante Social offers the possibility to learn and help others to live better in their environment, and be prepared to work in this field. For†a better life today and tomorrow...

  • Programmes open to students with a school leaving certificate up to third year of Bachelor
  • Preparation courses

Ipac Enseignement Superieur

IPAC Sante Social, to give a meaning to your career…†

Bachelor degrees, 3 years of Higher Education (180 ECTS credits)

2-year State Diploma BTS Programmes (120 ECTS credits)

Preparatory classes for entrance exams

(Preparation courses, no ECTS allocated)

examples : sales, retail, marketing, tourism, hospitality, banking, insurance, ...

Courses by sector

Sales and Marketing programmes http://www.ipac-france.com/en/banking-finance.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/accounting-business-administration.html
http://www.ipac-france.com/en/real-estate.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/tourism-hospitality.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/international.html
http://www.ipac-france.com/en/helath-social-care.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/logistics.html http://www.ipac-france.com/en/human-resources.html

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