Ipac Annecy


Situated between lake and mountains, Ipac Annecy is the main campus of the Ipac Group with on average 700 students. The campus is found at 5 minutes from the town centre and 5 minutes from the lake by car.

Annecy, ‘Venise of the Alps’ was a strong candidate as host for the Winter Olympic Games of 2018. A very popular tourist destination, an active  town close to Geneva, Annecy remains a dynamic industrial center with the presence of groups such as as Salomon, Entremont, SNR/NTN and Outdoor Sport Valley.

IPAC Annecy offers its students an exceptional place to be all year round.


Campus director
Paul Tardivel


Communication Manager
Julie Arbeit

Programmes at Ipac Annecy

European Qualifications Framework levels 5, 6 and 7 (school leaving certificate + 2, 3 or 5 years of higher education) are state recognised. Programmes can be followed on student status (full-time) or employee status (apprenticeship).

MBA degrees, 5 years of Higher Education (300 ECTS credits)

Admission after a Bachelor or equivalent (180 ECTS credits)

  • MBA Management of Sales Development and Entrepreneurship
  • MBA Management of Sales Development and Entrepreneurship, with Private and Business Assets Management
  • MBA in Human Resources Management

Bachelor degrees, 3 years of Higher Education (180 ECTS credits)

Top up 1-year courses,  admission with 2 validated years of Higher Education (120 ECTS credits) :

  • Bachelor in Tourism
  • Bachelor in Marketing and Communication
  • Bachelor in e-Marketing
  • Bachelor in Banking and Insurance
  • Bachelor in Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Bachelor in International Business Studies with Marketing

3-year courses, admission with a School Leaving Certificate:

  • Bachelor in Tourism
  • Bachelor in International Business
  • Bachelor in Management and Business Administration

BTS programme (120 ECTS credits) :

2-year courses, admission with a School Leaving Certificate:

  • BTS Management assistant for SME's
  • BTS in Banking
  • BTS in Dietetics
  • BTS in Social Work
  • BTS in Management and marketing of a business unit
  • BTS in Customer relation and negotiation
  • BTS in Hospitality and Catering

Preparatory classes (Preparation courses for entrance exams to various institutes, no ECTS credits allocated) :

  • Preparatory class for Nursing schools entrance exam

All these courses can be available in the framework of Prior Learning and Experience recognition.

IPAC Annecy


42, chemin de la prairie
74000 Annecy


Tél : (33)
Fax : (33)
e.mail : info@ipac-france.com

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