Ipac Genevois Leman - Ville La Grand

Genevois Léman

Situated on the Swiss border in a dynamic retail park, IPAC Genevois Leman benefits from a strategic geographic position and an economic environment which favours employment.

Close to Annecy, Thonon, Annemasse and Geneva, the campus actively extends its network of partners on both sides of the border in order to allow our students to benefit from rich professional experiences, whilst giving them high quality courses, partly in English, which reply to the high demands fixed by the professional world.


Campus director:
Anne Vindevogel

Programmes at Ipac Genevois Leman

European Qualifications Framework levels 5 and 6 (school leaving certificate + 2 or 3 years of higher education) are state recognised. Programmes can be followed on student status (full-time) or employee status (apprenticeship).

Bachelor Degrees, 3 years of Higher Education (180 ECTS credits) :

Top up 1-year courses, admission with 2 validated years of Higher Education (120 ECTS credits) :

  • Bachelor in Marketing and Communication
  • Bachelor in Human Ressources
  • Bachelor in Real Estate Management
  • Bachelor in Payroll and Social Administration

3-year courses, admission with a School Leaving Certificate :

  • Bachelor in Management and Business Administration
  • National Diploma in Accountancy and Administration

BTS Programme (120 ECTS credits) :

2-year courses, admission with a School Leaving Certificate :

  • BTS Management assistant for SME
  • BTS Managment and marketing of a business unit
  • BTS Customer relation and negotiation
  • BTS in Real estate management
  • BTS in Accountancy and business administration
  • BTS in Tourism

Preparatory Classes (Preparation courses for entrance exams to various institutes, no ECTS credits allocated) :

  • Preparatory class for Nursing schools entrance exam
  • Preparatory class for Educational Teacher for Young Children programme entrance exam
  • Preparatory class for Special Education Teacher programme entrance exam

All these courses can be available in the framework of Prior Learning and Experience recognition.

IPAC Genevois Leman


16 Rue des Chasseurs
74100 Ville-la-Grand


Tel: (33)
Fax : (33)
mail : vlg@ipac-france.com

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