Dear Ma'am,

I hadamazing experience while Studyingat IPAC. The campus is small and we don't have to walk long distances to deal with different departments.

People here are really friendly and are ready to help us at every step.

I felt adapted in the environment in a day.

The way the courses were framed and scheduled was different and really convenient.

The examinations at the end of every week was a big relief in having a fresh remains of the topics.

We had enlightened professors and it was fun communicating within the classroomand working in different groups andalso the store visits and the industry visit werereally helpful to understand the topics, assignments and presentations were also very precised and we got valuable feedbacks as well.

Our batch mates were really frank and we started hanging out together, right from the day I met them. We used to play, party, go for trips, cook and domany more thingstogether. Imade a lot freinds and I believe they alsodid.

Annecy is beautiful city and it has its characteristics changing as per the climate, in summers its always alive,we enjoy a lot being near the lake, cycling around the lake, paragliding, swimmingand in winters it's a hub for all the ski stations nearby as its near to a lot of ski slopes.

Coming to the internship, I have awesome internship I really like working here as its aNGO andtheir first project is about to be released in the coming months, as of now I work in a small group of 4-6 people and they are really good and I feel open to keep my points and ideas to contribute to any decision making.

I am grateful to our program director to help us find internship till the end. Even the professors at Ipac showed a great support and werealways ready to guideus in learning as well as finding internship.

I am thankful to the entire team of IPAC and it was a great opportunity.

I am thinking of taking admissions in masters and also applied in some universities in Europe after starting my internship in GenevaI want to be in Europe, work and build my career.

I am still staying in Apart'City but going to shift near the train stationin Annecy by first week of March, I prefer staying in Annecy until June by then I will be done with the internship and the professional project.

Thank you very much for your support andfor giving me this chance to express myself.



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