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3 years studies level - Bachelor and State Diploma

Within the framework of the harmonization of European higher education curricula, the French school curriculum has been organized around the LMD organization that offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorates Diploma
This organization makes it possible to increase the mobility of European students, mobility between disciplines and between professional and general training.

The IPAC Group offers courses at Bachelor Level : Accounting and Administration Bachelor or State Diploma (DCG)

The student who opts for a Bachelor programme at IPAC - will integrate the national network IPAC Bachelor Factory.

Bachelor Programmes : 3 years study level - 180 ECTS credits
RNCP Level II, Certified by the State.

In 3 years, accessible after a High School leaving Certificate

In 1 year, accessible after 2 years of Higher Education  (120 ECTS credits)


State Diploma