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Banking Finance Insurance

  • Bachelor in Banking & Insurance
  • Bachelor of Finance Management
  • Financial and Administrative Expert
  • MBA Wealth Management

Commerce Management Marketing

  • Bachelor in Sport Management
  • Bachelor of Business Management OPEN
  • Bachelor Marketing Commerce & Negotiation
  • BTS Operational Commercial Management (MCO)
  • BTS Negotiation and Digitalisation of Customer Relations (NDRC)
  • MBA Management Commerce & Entrepreneurship

Communication and Digital

  • Bachelor Digital Marketing
  • MBA Marketing Communication & Digital

Accounting and Management

  • BTS Accounting Management (CG)
  • BTS Gestion de la PME (GPME)
  • Diploma in Accounting and Management (DCG)
  • Higher Diploma of Accounting and Management (DSCG)

Technical Logistics

  • Bachelor in Logistics and Transport
  • MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Human Resources and Quality

  • Bachelor's degree in Payroll and Social Management
  • Bachelor in Human Resources
  • MBA Human Resources Management

Health and Social

  • Preparatory course for Educational and Social Accompanist (AES)
  • Preparatory course for nursing assistants (DEAS)
  • Preparatory course for nursery assistants (AP)
  • Preparatory course for teacher educators (ME)
  • Preparation for the Social Service Assistant (ASS) training
  • Preparation for training as a young child educator (EJE)
  • Preparation for training as a Special Educator (ES)
  • Preparation for nursing education