Banking: a sector with many career opportunities

The banking sector is dynamic and growing rapidly, but suffers from a poor image and is struggling to recruit despite a strong need, as well as a wealth of professional advantages and opportunities.

IPAC Annecy will show you in 5 points why it is interesting to consider a professional future in the banking sector:

#1: The financial benefits

In the banking sector, salaries are paid over 13 months or more, it is possible to benefit from salary savings, and to receive profit-sharing and incentive payments. Another important point: working in banking gives you access to low-interest loans!


#2: Career development opportunities

The banking sector is a vast sector covering a variety of activities: retail, market or investment banking, wealth or asset management, but also, increasingly, insurance. This opens up many opportunities for development, but also a wide choice of career paths. Today, development is no longer just vertical (climbing the ladder to become a manager or director), it can also be horizontal (broadening one's know-how by moving from one sector of the company to another).

#3: Opportunities for geographical mobility, both nationally and internationally

Banks are large groups that have a national presence, but also outside France. This is a great opportunity for those who dream of an international career in large groups.

#4: Diversity of professions

Today, the Bank offers a wide range of jobs, especially since the digitalisation and modernisation of the banking system. It is moreover increasingly common to evolve professionally thanks to the internal training offered by these large groups. Young graduates also benefit from these advantages when they join.

#5: The entry of new technologies

The banking sector is becoming increasingly modernised with the recent proliferation of FinTechs in this system. Banks are thus renewing themselves completely, which makes the sector even more attractive and limits the effect of "routine work".

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