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History & Values


IPAC was created in 1984 to grow student’s talents and prepare them for the realities of the work market, to guarantee a successful integration into working life.


Today, the school accounts for nearly 3000 students in the alpine region from Grenoble to Geneva. IPAC believes in the value of work, ambition and effort. Companies recognise IPAC’s values and their support for IPAC has never failed. In order to continue its development, IPAC gives students the opportunity to study abroad in our partner universities.


Thanks to the Erasmus programme, IPAC works with approximately seventy partners throughout the world.  


Progress relies on managers and teams that are capable of transforming ideas and projects into concrete achievements. Under the leadership of Thierry Voyeux, IPAC enhances students managerial skills to accompany them in becoming a new generation of managers. 


Today IPAC is committed to e-learning, for young people and adults. More than 200 people from all over the world follow a complete online IPAC course every year.