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Presentation of the Group

IPAC is a privately owned, state-recognized institution offering PREPA, BTS, BACHELOR, MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses - post-BAC to BAC + 5.

"The recognition is analyzed for the public authority as the granting of benefits related to the performance of missions of general interest".
Recognition thus allows the State, after having secured the level of the institutions, to discharge on them a part of its obligations of public service.
It officially attests to the value of the institution.

Thus, IPAC :

  • can welcome teachers seconded from public education,
  • is recognized as being entitled to receive national scholarship holders,
  • may apply for recognition of the diploma awarded,
  • is bound by the study plans, programs and schedules indicated at the time of recognition,
  • is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Education for the appointment of teaching staff,
  • benefits from the same conditions as public schools concerning Inspection in education

(Source: «Private Institutions of Higher Education», Pierre-Henri PRELOT)

Fields of training :

Commerce - Sales - Management - Communication - Marketing - Digital - Human Ressources - International – Banking and  Insurances - Management Accounting - Administration - Tourism - Hospitality Catering - Social Health

IPAC Group in figures :

  • Birth in 1984
  • 5 schools : Albertville - Annecy - Chambéry - Genevois Léman (Ville-la-Grand) - Grenoble
  • 1,800 students, including 800 in Annecy.
  • 4,000 alumni
  • More than 60 foreign partner universities, including the Erasmus network

IPAC, a school at the heart of several networks :

  • A network of Partner Universities in Europe and the World
  • A network focused towards Switzerland
  • A business-oriented network
  • A network of local and national companies

IPAC is ISO 9001 certified.
(ISO : International Organization for Standardization)
ISO Certification