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Study abroad

If you are registered in one of the IPAC courses, you can go and study abroad for your last year of Bachelor.
You will find in this page all the possibilities that are available to you,  whether through university exchange programs or internships abroad.

Do not hesitate and live the international experience !

Study abroad program

Who can study abroad ?

Any student in 2nd year at the IPAC (BTS or Bachelor) can apply to pursuit his or her studies in year 3 in one of the partner universities abroad. He or she can go either under the European Erasmus + program or under the bilateral agreements between the IPAC and foreign universities.
The application must be made to the International Office before the 15th of December of the year where the student is completing his 2nd year at IPAC.

How do I apply to study abroad ?

A presentation of the possibilities of departure abroad will be made for all 2nd year students between the 15th of September and the 30th of November.
To participate in a study abroad, the student must register with the International Bureau before the 15th of December of the current year for a possible mobility the following September.
The student must complete the Application Form for Departure Abroad and return it by e-mail to the International Office before the 15th of December.

What is the deadline for university enrollment ?

Depending on the universities, the application deadline varies from January to May for the first semester and from September to November for the second semester.

Where can i go ?

IPAC has more than 70 partners around the world, about 2/3 of which are in Europe (Erasmus partners).

How are the students selected ?

According to each student professional, academic and personal projects,  the International Office offers  a selection of programs of studies. The choice of the destination will be validated between January and March of the year preceeding the departure.
A selection of students based on the level of English can be made for certain destinations.
The final selection of the students for each destination will be on file (grades, teachers recommandatons, assiduity to the courses and motivation).
Once the destination has been chosen, the International Office will help the student to complete his / her application for the partner institution.

Participants with disabilities can benefit from a specific complementary Erasmus grant.


How long does it take to stay abroad ?

Stays abroad must be a minimum of 3 consecutive months and may not exceed 1 year.

What budget should I anticipate ?

Depending on the destination, it is usually between 700 and 800 € per month to cover accommodation, food, internal transport, supplies, outings ...

ERASMUS and EXPLO'RA SUP Scholarships

Scholarships awarded by IPAC are as follows :

  • ERASMUS+ Scholarship Assigned by the European Union

Award criteria : To be selected under the ERASMUS program.
Approximate amount : 150 € / month
A student can benefit from the ERASMUS scholarship once- The mobility must be more than 3 months long .

  • Bourse Explo'ra SUP Assigned by the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes

Award criteria : students must have studied for at least 2 semesters in the Rhône-Alpes Region
Approximate amount : 95 € / week for a maximum of 17 Weeks
A student can obtain the Explo'ra grant twice on the condition that the departures take place in two different study cycles.


Link to the presentation of your rights


Mandatory Insurance :


Validation of the study period

Before leaving, the student will be given a Learning Agreement with the list of chosen subjects. This Learning Agreement may be modified but must always be validated by Ipac Bachelor Factory international office. The student will have to take the courses and take the examinations (tests, exams, oral, files, etc.) planned for each of these subjects while respecting the constraints given by the teacher and the institution. The marking system and the assessment criteria are those in force in the partner institution and the student must comply with them.
Upon reception, the student must send a copy of his official transcript to the International Office, which will validate the number of ECTS credits required to validate the year (30 ECTS credits for one semester, 60 ECTS credits for the year). If all ECTS credits are not validated, resits will be offered.


Géraldine Hussenot : Head of IPAC International Office
+33 4 50 45 32 47

Audrey Abbonen : International Mobilities Manager
+33 4 50 44 72 74