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Internship or Professional missions

Why is it interesting to recruit a student for a short-term professional mission?

  • Establish your company as a local actor involved in students' training and give a positive and innovative image to students and their parents. 
  • Have a team of serious and motivated students for taking over short-term missions all year long.
  • Participate directly to your future's employees recrutiement and work with future trainees
  • Be identified on our communication supports (website, social networks...)

Objectives and common interests

  • Give the opportunity to students to discover a company during the whole academic year or by working in it from time to time.
  • Open to a cultural, intellectual, professional and international world.
  • Join field actions for a dynamic and innovative company, close to young people and students.
  • Participate to different missions set by the company, in relation to the study programme : Marketing, Press Relations, Public Relations, Global communication, Events, Sales, Finance and Administration...
  • Put into practice academic knowledge and be able to adapt to the professional world.

Contact : Julie Arbeit

For individual needs throughout the year, you can also call on our young people on a professional mission, one day a week for a fixed period, for market research, satisfaction surveys, as part of an event, Etc.

They trusted us !
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