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"To join IPAC team is to support the principle that a school is there to accompany, prepare and help students, whatever their qualities and defects, in order to realize their professional projects. IPAC culture was forged around this objective and  work and missions of those who work for IPAC are shaped with this objective.

Obviously, pedagogy is at the heart of our activities and whatever your primary skills you will come to us  firstly to work with young adults and with the desire to transmit. Therefore, you will be able to find within our schools opportunities to engage in different ways, whether it is through teaching in the many disciplines provided in our courses or through missions dealing with the supervision, the Organization, the relation with partner companies, or with the management of teams.

We are waiting for you, project promoters. If your determination to embrace our approach is strong, we will be able to build a common project. If necessary we will accompany you by training you to the requirements of our teaching methods.

By Thierry Voyeux, Director of the IPAC Group

If you want to join our teams, send a CV and a cover letter to :
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Gérard PONT