Kévin, a BTS SIO student, looks back on his career!

Kévin, a recent graduate of a BTS in Computer Services for Organisations (SIO) at IPAC Grand Geneva, talks about his experience at our business school.

Why did you choose a BTS SIO?

"I started using digital technologies when I was two years old. It is a world in which I have been immersed for several years. The world of IT is very vast. You discover a lot of things, in many different areas. This environment is constantly changing, and that's what I like. I am a very curious person and this allows me to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

Today, the world of IT has become a passion

IT is also a profession with a future, with high employability in France and abroad! This guarantees that I will have a job after my BTS in Computer Services for Organisations (SIO).

Following my BTS, I will continue next year with a Licence Administration et Sécurité des Systèmes et des Réseaux (ASSR) and continue with a Master's in Cybersecurity in Lausanne to become a Cybersecurity Engineer. "

What qualities are needed to become a Cybersecurity Engineer?

"I think the qualities needed are:

  • Teamwork and collaboration whether with technicians or clients.
  • Good interpersonal skills in order to adapt your speech to each person
  • Analytical skills to understand and determine the problem in the computer park.
  • The desire to learn, as this is a constantly evolving job. It is therefore important to keep abreast of new developments and current events. 
  • But above all, the most important thing for me is patience. When configuring elements, it is possible to wait sometimes several hours for the installation to finish."

What are the strengths of IPAC Grand Geneva?

"IPAC Grand Geneva is a small establishment. The BTS Computer Services for Organisations (SIO) has classes of 10 students maximum.
The staff (trainers, educational manager and training advisor) is therefore better able to follow up on students and the supervisors are more attentive to their needs.

Located close to the Swiss border, IPAC Grand Genève gives students the opportunity to find work experience in Switzerland, but also to build up an international network. 

There is also a Student Office (BDE), which offers student parties throughout the year, reduced prices on certain activities and a dynamic atmosphere within the school".

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