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Taking a trainee worker

Recruiting a student in apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is a special study scheme supported by the French government. It means that a student can take on part-time studies with a part-time work placement, splitting the week between the two.
For your company, recruiting a person in apprenticeship is a good mean to participate in the training and development of your future employee, to  teach her or him a job and integrate her or him to your company's life and culture. Apprenticeship is a safe way to recruit a person who suits your company's needs.

Advantages for your company

  • Apprenticeship shapes character (difference with students in full-time programmes): autonomy, maturity, adaptability, sense of effort
  • Apprenticeship is an excellent mean to know the student because you get to know how he or she works (knowledge, skills).
  • The student is present in the company in permanent contract and is working for your company like an employee
  • The student will  already have the company culture when you’ll hire him or her.

Contact : Damien Vincent