Taking a trainee worker


Taking on a young person on a work-study training course

For you, hiring a person under a work-study contract (professional training contract and apprenticeship contract) means participating in the training of your future employee, teaching him or her a trade and integrating him or her into the life and culture of the company. Recruiting work-study student allows you to recruit a person adapted to the needs of the company.

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Benefits for your company

  • Work-linked training builds character (unlike other students without work-linked training): autonomy, maturity, adaptability, sense of effort.
  • For the company, work experience is an excellent way of getting to know the young person because they have seen him or her work (competencies, behaviour) and therefore enables you to make a fully informed recruitment decision.
  • He or she is operational as soon as the young person is recruited on a permanent contract,.
  • He already understands the spirit and culture of the company.

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