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Validation of Acquired Experience

Who is it addressed to ?

The Validation of Acquired Experience, known as "VAE", allows persons to obtain all or part of a diploma, drawing on the skills and knowledge acquired during Professional and / or extra-professional activity,  without necessarily going through a training phase.

What experience is taken into account ?

Changes occurred with the "Labor Law" LAW n ° 2016-1088 of 8 August 2016 on work about « the modernization of social dialogue and the securing of career paths "
The duration of activity ranges from 3 years to 1 year "whether the activity has been carried out continuously or not". It also takes into account - for all candidates - periods of initial or continuing training in the workplace.

How long does it take to complete an VAE ?

The duration of a VAE case depends on several factors :

  • The availability of the candidate to carry out his / her project.
  • The submission date.
  • The capacity of implication variable according to each candidate.

What is the value of the certification I validate by VAE ?

The diploma or Professional Title validated is the same as that obtained following a classical training course. It is not mentioned on the diploma that it was obtained by way of the VAE.

Is there a specific VAE taining leave ?

What changes with the "Labor Law" :
The seniority requirements for holders of fixed-term contracts are abolished and Article L.6422-8 now provides for the terms of remuneration.
According to that article, an employee whose VAE share is taken over by one of the approved joint collecting bodies shall be entitled to a remuneration equal to the remuneration he would have received had he remained at his place of work , within the limit per action of a duration determined by decree for each validation action.

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