Become an expert in commerce and sales with the BTS MCO

Assistant shop manager, Department manager, Salesperson / Advisor, .... All these jobs are accessible after a BTS in Operational Sales Management (MCO) at IPAC Grand Geneva! So don't wait any longer!

A rapidly developing sector

The sector is developing more and more and there are many vacancies! Faced with the demands of our partner companies, IPAC Grand Geneva will be offering two types of training to meet these needs!

Two years of support

As the leading player in work-linked training in the Alpine region, IPAC Grand Geneva offers the BTS Operational Sales Management (MCO) on its campus under a Professionalization contract or an Apprenticeship contract.

During your two years of training, you will be accompanied by your educational manager and coordinator, and your training advisor, who will be there to support you, both in your professional project and in your performance in class.

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Find out more about our BTS Operational Sales Management course (MCO) and become an expert in the field of sales, management, customer relations and the management and animation of the product or service offer.

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